Comics and the Real World

Comic books are often seen as a childish medium, full of cartoons and simple storylines involving superheroes and a fantasy world. But in reality, comics are as varied as any other style of fiction. From kids' comics to adolescent comics and the world of the graphic novel, there are many different topics and issues addressed, and many are, in fact, not suitable for children.

Many comics address real-world issues and are dark, such as The Boys or the famous Watchmen. Covering topics such as existentialism, corruption, feminism, and inequality, comics are like the big bad brother of fiction.

The Top Three Rarest Comic Books

30 Nov 2020

Comic books are now becoming collector's items, and the rarest editions can fetch incredible amounts of money at auction. The top three rarest comics are currently Adventure Comics #40, Detective Comics #1 and New Adventure #26. If you have any of these lurking in your attic, you're in the money!

The Popularity of Superhero Comics

29 Oct 2020

First seen in the 1930s, superhero comics have been increasing in popularity ever since. The very first featured character was Superman, closely followed by Captain Marvel, Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman. Later, we were introduced to new science fiction superheroes such as Green Lantern and The Flash. The list goes on.

The Domination of Marvel Comics

25 Sep 2020

When thinking of comic books, most people would associate Marvel with them. Indeed, Marvel is responsible for the creation of some of the comic book's favourite characters including the X-Men, Spiderman, Hulk, Venom and Black Panther. Many of these have led to movie spin-offs and a host of merchandise.